Healthy Pregnancy Tips From the CDC

You’re pregnant! Congratulations. So what’s next? You can start preparing yourself for a healthy pregnancy by:

1. Taking care of yourself,

2. Working with your doctor,

3. Getting your home ready

Taking care of yourself now is more important than ever! Take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid. Eat healthy. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs. Stay active. Work with your ob-gyn or midwife throughout your pregnancy. You’ll hear your baby’s heartbeat. Get an ultrasound and baby’s first picture! Is it a boy or girl? Find a pediatrician for your baby. If flu season is here or approaching, help protect yourself and your baby by getting a flu shot. Flu season can last October thru May Help protect your baby from whooping cough. Get a Tdap vaccine. Encourage your baby’s caregivers to also be up to date on their vaccines. older siblings, babysitters, grandparents, partner And finally, get your home ready… Check the batteries in your household smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Put the nursery together. Install your baby’s car seat. Now that you’ve helped make your pregnancy healthier… It’s time for baby. Enjoy your little one and try to get some sleep! Getting the flu and whooping cough vaccines during your pregnancy can help your baby. Learn more at