6 Health Tips for a Good Start in 2021

Get off to a good start in
2021 by staying hydrated. See if you can challenge yourself to
drink a large glass of water first thing when you wake up in the morning. Hi everyone, one tip for starting off right is
starting your week off with success. Whether that's getting a workout in
or choosing fruits and vegetables as a snack. A tip to help you get 2021
off to a good start, start out slowly and build
your wellness health goals. Set one health goal a week. For
example, starting January 4th, schedule your appointment with your
PartnerMD health coach – telehealth, in-office, or phone call. Whatever's going to help you to support
you and help guide you in your health and wellness goals. Get off on the right track in 2021 by
starting off with a good sleep routine. A sleep routine is about eight hours a
night when you wake up and go to bed and around the same time every day. A good sleep routine will help
reduce stress causing hormones like cortisol. It will help boost the body's immune
system so you can get sick less and stay healthy for longer. And above all it will
help recover the body after exercise, so you can perform at your
highest level every day. If you want to keep better control
of your to-do list in the new year, you might want to think
about the Ivy Lee Method. This method requires that each night
you get your to-do list out and you make sure there are six items
on it. The next day, you work on those items and then at
night, you look at your to-do list again, and you make sure that there are six
items on it before you go to bed. Stay positive. A positive mindset is a key
ingredient for success in your life. So start off with simple things
from having a gratitude journal, finding things that bring you joy, speaking with loved ones that bring
you happiness, and most importantly, really practice self positive talk.